How old do I have to be to join the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services center?                                             

50 years or older. To qualify for a couples membership, one must be 50/older. 

How do  I become a member of  the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center?

Stop in our center at 338 South Progress Drive and ask to join. We can also give you a tour! 

How much are the XARSC Membership dues each year? 

Yearly Membership Dues: $25 Per person or $40 Couples, January - December

How often do I pay my membership dues?

XARSC Membership Dues are renewable every January and lasts through December. 

Can I join anytime or just at the beginning of the year?

You CAN renew a membership OR become a NEW member anytime through out the year. The cost is still the same ($25/person or $40/Couple) However, if you are a NEW member and you join after July 1st, your membership will be discounted to half price. (New members ONLY

What are the benefits of an XARSC Membership?

As a member you will receive the Monthly Newsletter in the mail, jam packed with tons of information about what's happening at XARSC that month.  AND as a member most classes are FREE or discounted if a instructor is paid. AND as a member you will get a discount on the trips the center takes. AND  as a member you can get a punch card for the centers cafeteria, with a free meal after 10 meals! AND BEST OF ALL as a member, you will make new friends, reconnect with old friends, socialize with your peers, laugh, keep fit, learn, volunteer your time, go on fun trips and adventures! XARSC: A wonderful way to keep your body, brain and soul FIT!


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 "Part of the wisdom of aging is to find joy

even in the simplest of situations. When we

live our lives to the fullest, we are going

​to make the little things in life

wonderful and good and important!" 

Quote by Louise Hay



​​The Xenia Adult Recreation & Services Center ​is a wonderful place to give the "gift of time" and give back to YOUR OWN community! Volunteering not only lifts up those you are helping, but it also lifts your spirts and keeps you active. ​There's a quote that says "If you want to feel good, DO good" and what better way to feel good, or even feel AWESOME, than to ​VOLUNTEER! ​​Call 376-4353 to inquire about volunteering!

Here are just a few ways you can give back to your community:

Meals on wheels delivery driver: Deliver hot meals to seniors in Xenia 1 day per week or on call as a sub. Delivery is from 10:45 a.m. until 12:45 p.m. Must have own car and pass a background and fingerprint check. One of the most wonderful ways to make a difference in the lives of others!

Office Help: 1 afternoon or morning a week answer phones, transfer calls, assist visitors at the front desk, direct seniors to classes, help with mailings, etc. FRIENDLY POSITIVE ATTITUDES WANTED!

Newsletter Helpers: Help out once a month with putting together our newsletter mailings.

Telephone Friend: Become a phone friend to a senior who is lonely through our longtime Telassurance Program, in existence at XARSC over 30 years.  

Class leader/Instructor: If you have a skill to share, want to lead a class, we invite you to speak to Michele to offer your time and talents to volunteer in Programs.

Special Event Crew:Help serve meals, assist with clean up at XARSC special events/monthly events.

To inquire about volunteering at XARSC, stop by the center and speak to the front office!​​​​


Full information on upcoming trips with Rosemary is in the newsletter! Or check out the bulletin board at XARSC

Rosemary Fawley: Volunteer Trip Coordinator and Membership Chair plans many wonderful trips for our seniors throughout the year. ​They have traveled throughout the country on long distance trips, local trips, one day trips and even a cruise now and then. ​To get the best info on the trips that are planned by Rosemary, and you are not a member, stop by XARSC and ask for a trip printout, or check out the trip bulletin board at XARSC. Or you can email Rosemary at: rsfawley@gmail.com​ 

Trip rates for XARSC Members are discounted, ​so its well worth $25 to join XARSC!! ​