XARSC Summer Fan Program begins July 1st

  Its once again time for our annual Fan Program.          

  To receive a box fan you must meet the              

  following guidelines:

​ 1. Must be 60/older

 2. Live in Xenia

 3.Have NO A/C in the home

 4. Have not received a fan in 2018

  Applications must be filled out ahead of time and will  

  be reviewed by the Supportive Services Staff.  ID 

  required. This service is funded by contributions from 

  the community, on the basis it is given to seniors who

  meet criteria. 

 XARSC HOMEMAKER PROGRAM: Debbie Rowland: Department Manager

One of the goals of the Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center Homemaker Program is to help the aging remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Our Homemaker Program helps support this goal through an informal, friendly program that assists the aging with light housekeeping, including:​

  • Light Cleaning
  • Errands
  • Meal Preparation
  • ​Laundry
  • ​Other Miscellanious Tasks

​Services are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. The Services can be provided on a regular basis or for a specific instance or timeframe, e.g., recovering from surgery. ​Homemakers in the program are expected to be courteous and kind to their clients. They are trained to work effectively, communicate patiently and recognize their special needs and support them with the care and respect they deserve. ​The Homemaker Coordinator visits every potential homemaker client at their home to review a homemaker plan. ​Aside from client satisfaction surveys, the Coordinator also completes follow up in-home visits to evaluate the Homemakers performance/behavior. ​For more information call XARSC Homemaker Coordinator Debbie Rowland. 

Angela Glenn: Supportive Services

Manager: 376-4353


Supportive Services

Homemaker Services  

Transportation Services.



Summer Cooling Assistance and the XARSC Fan program!

XARSC TRANSPORTATION DEPARTMENT: Charlie Ayers: Department Manager

​The XARSC Transportation The Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center has had a transportation program since 1982. The purpose of the program is to provide transportation to the aging and disabled in Greene County and to assist individuals so they may live independently in their own homes for as long as possible.

The Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center has 17 wheel chair equipped vans. The vans vary in size, there are small vans that seat only a few people and there are large vans that seat up to 16 individuals. Some of the vans are several years old and a couple are only one or two years old!


Individuals age 50 and above may request local transportation (Xenia to Xenia) with a $4.00 donation each way. Out of town transportation is for MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS ONLY and for  individuals age 60 and above who qualify for out of town funding. Other individuals may be referred through contracts. Several weeks notice is needed for Medical out of town transportation due to high demand for the service. Donations in support of the senior center allow us to continue to provide transportation services to those in need, as well as many other services and activities provided by the Center. Your donations are tax deductible and help us help others.


Charlie Ayers: XARSC

Transportation Manager: 376-4353

Debbie Rowland: Homemaker Services Coordinator; 376-4353


  You can apply for a 1 time benefit for cooling assistance during the summer months via your local Community Action Partnership.     Assistance available ONLY between July 1st - August 31st, 2019. Applicants must apply in personBY APPOINTMENT ONLY      

  by calling the local Community Action Partnership at 937-376-7747. Must be 60+ with the following income:

A 1 person household can make $1,821 per month or less

A 2 person household can make $2,266 per month or less

See below for official press release and more information 


​​The Supportive Services department of The Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center provides services to area homebound seniors who need linkage to services appropriate for their needs. The target population is the aging who lack a sufficient support system, those who may be isolated/more frail, and have the greatest need for services. The staff receives and responds to referrals from the community, such as hospitals, home care agencies, churches, concerned neighbors, families of a senior and even seniors themselves. In-home assessments are completed and we will link the client to the available resources in the community.

Supportive Services Include:

  • Public benefits: Assisting with linkage to various public benefits including Home Energy (winter) Assistance and Summer Cooling Assistance Programs, Senior Housing, etc.
  • Medicare Counseling:  Medicare, Open Enrollment (for Parts C & D) Medicare Savings Programs, etc.
  • Meals on Wheels for those 60/older who are unable to cook for themselves and are homebound; 
  • Information & Referral which provides info on resources in the community for seniors;
  • Telephone Reassurance (aka: Telassurance) which is a program where seniors are linked up to a volunteer phone friend, who will call them regularly to provide friendship and support; ​
  • Medical transportation registrations;. Assessing Greene County seniors 60/older for out of town medical transportation needs.
  • ​Service Evaluations: Regular evaluations are done to monitor the services XARSC provides and the outcomes (positive changes or benefits) that occur as a result of the programs.