Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center Executive Board: 2020

  • Dick Strous: Chair 
  • Perk Reichley: Vice Chair
  • Rosemary Fawley: Membership Chair and Treasurer
  • Tony McIlvaine
  • Jim Preston
  • Paul Storey
  • Judy Baker: Executive Director

 Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center Board of Trustees: 2020

  • Mark Brooks
  • Brian Liming
  • Joe Kennedy
  • Velma Joslin
  • Lee Warren

Michel Smith: Program Manager


Debbie Rowland: Homemaker Coordinator homemaker@xarsc-seniorcenter.org

Tammie Winn: Food Service Manager


Sherri Martin: Fiscal Manager


Judy Ann Baker: Executive Director


Angela Glenn: Support Services Manager


Charlie Ayers:  Transportation Manager