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MIDWEST OHIO BLUEGRASS EVENT: Saturday December 9th &  16th

S​TRESS TALK: Monday December 11th at 1 p.m.​​

MASSAGES: Friday December 15th / Sign up ONLY!! $5 for 5 minutes / $10 for 10 minutes.


​Recreation, Education, Activity, Community & Health

​A capital campaign to build in Xenia a MULTI-GENERATIONAL Campus for families, senior adults, students and all residents of Greene County and surrounding communities. This capital campaign is currently underway with the YMCA and XARSC working hard to reach its goal of $1.7 million dollars. PROJECT REACH has an estimated cost of $17 million.

Funding from other partners including GENEROUS donations of land by Kettering Health Network, tax credits, lease agreements and more has made this project feasible! ​If you would like to contribute towards this campaign, please do so! ​Just stop by XARSC at 130 E. Church St. in Xenia. WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

To date we are on track to make the following timeline:

​Spring 2017: Campaign kick off   /  Fall 2017: Campaign complete

​Winter 2017: Shovel in ground

​What an EXCITING project happening for Xenia & Greene County!


    XARSC Membership renewal time is now! Membership runs January-December every year. Stop by XARSC to pay your annual dues which are still only $25 a year for a single person and $40 for a couple. 

​Membership benefits:

​You receive the information packed newsletter every month! 

         AND most classes are free to members. AND if you  eat lunch at XARSC, you can get a lunch ticket             and as a member, your 11th lunch is free! AND discounts on trips! WOW!

​We love our members!! Join us in 2018! 


If you make an effort to stay engaged as you get older, you will find more joy and satisfaction in life!  AND there is a good chance you will stay

healthier as you age!

​​​Welcome to the

Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center website!

​​​Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center

         130 East Church Street           

Xenia, Ohio  45385


​Open Monday - Friday    

8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Executive Director: Judy A. Baker


​XARSC Membership: $25 year; Single / $40 year; Couple

​​Follow us on Twitter: @xeniasrcenter

​Find us on Facebook: Xenia Adult Recreation and Services Center​

​XARSC is a one stop resource for a variety of services for seniors 60 and older. It is also an organization that offers numerous socialization opportunities for seniors 50 and older. We want seniors to keep busy and find purpose in their lives. From trips to activities, transportation to outreach, XARSC's philosophy is to consider the whole person, whatever those needs are. Social, Recreational, Support Services & Transportation.

The Xenia Senior Center through the years!

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